WTOP Celebrates 10 Years of Pet of the Week Partnership – Hundreds of Outstanding Dogs Adopted

During WTOP’s 10-year partnership with the Humane Rescue Alliance, hundreds of pets have gone from DC shelters to loving homes.

Finding a forever home can be life-changing for both animals and humans. This holiday we’re celebrating a special milestone and checking in with some of WTOP’s pets of the week. (WTOP/Neal Augenstein)

During the 10-year partnership with WTOP, hundreds of pets have gone from DC shelters to loving homes. Human Rescue Alliance “Pets of the Week” on Spotlight.

This year marked its 10th anniversary. Weekly feature on WTOPwhich spotlights an adoptable pet online and on air.

“We are so grateful to be a part of the Monday morning commute and to be able to reach a wider audience of people and just spread the word about how amazing our dogs are to everyone who listens to WTOP. said Samantha Miller, Acting Communications Director. For the Human Rescue Alliance.

WTOP anchor Mark Lewis hosts the segment on Monday mornings. Over the years, he said listeners have expressed a desire to adopt a pet they’ve heard about on air, but never seen a photo of.

“I think it speaks not only to the impact of radio, but also to the kindness and generosity of our listeners who are willing to open their homes to a new pet,” Lewis said.

The impact of the weekly feature has been particularly noticeable in 2023, as Miller said shelters returned to pre-pandemic intake rates, leaving many people overcrowded and “overcrowded.” The Shelter Animal Count, a national database of shelter statistics, estimates that the U.S. shelter population will increase by nearly a quarter of a million animals in 2023. The Associated Press reported..

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years – helping to find forever homes for lovable, adoptable dogs. We’re celebrating a special milestone for WTOP, with our Monday morning Pet of the Week feature. (WTOP/Neal Augenstein)

“On any given day this summer, we were caring for 100 more animals than in the summer of 2022,” Miller said. “So any way we can spread the word about the amazing animals we have and find them loving homes is greatly appreciated.”

At one point this year, the coalition had more than 700 animals, he said.

“What’s really great for us is that it allows us to reach a different audience than the people we interact with on a day-to-day basis,” Miller said.

This new audience includes the WTOP staff, many of whom couldn’t resist adopting featured pets over the years.

Partnerships have evolved over time. The Humane Rescue Alliance used to bring pets in person to WTOP’s glass-enclosed nerve center.

“It was exciting to see everyone running up to greet the dog and it was a lot of fun,” Miller said.

Years ago, plans changed so that pets would no longer come in person — much to the dismay of some WTOP staff. But Miller said keeping the weekly feature remote gives the alliance more flexibility that featured pets.

“We can highlight dogs that are in foster homes, and often the dogs that are in foster homes are dogs that have been looking for their new homes for a long time,” Miller said.

The weekly feature has been “satisfying” for Lewis, he said.

“There’s a lot of serious news and it’s nice to pause for a second and do something that’s engaging with the community and changing lives,” Lewis said.

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