Woman Lives Her Dream, Adopts and Raises 30-Year-Old Penguin Kelsey Bjork Posted: December 27, 2023

There are countless adorable creatures to love but, sometimes, there are some that we connect with more than the rest. Personally, I have two favorite cats. And the duck. But for Lindsay’s mom, penguins are the best. In fact, she has spent most of her life dying to meet someone. That’s what makes the moment when she finally meets a penguin so special!

Together, they traveled to SeaWorld in San Diego. Here, they offer penguin competitions. In doing so, this lovely lady was able to get up close and personal with the birds she loves so much.

An old woman smiles as she stands in a wall where she first meets a penguin.  There are several penguins around him.
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As you can imagine, Lindsay was able to capture a lot of healthy moments that day. She has shared many of them on her TikTok page, and they are heartwarming compliments.

In the video below, you can see his mother befriending a gentoo penguin. Before long, it’s clear that the penguins love her as much as she loves them.

The woman’s cute penguin is a competition.

@royalmaleficent Mom found another friend – a Gentoo this time. #PenguinExperience #seaworldsandiego #gentoopenguin #Penguin ♬ Original Voice – Lindsay

Although you don’t need any other reason to love penguins than that fact. They are very cute, a curious man asks Lindsay why her mother has loved her for so long. The answer to that? Sweeter than you can imagine.

“She feels a connection with them,” Lindsay writes.. “They’re super clumsy on land and beautiful in water — just like her.”

An old woman smiles as she bends over and pets a penguin.
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Of all of Lindsey’s incredible footage from that day, the most popular video is of her mother gently petting the macaroni penguin as a SeaWorld employee talks about the creature.

Like Lindsay’s mother, Penguin is a beautiful old lady. She loves people and is often one of the birds that comes out to greet people. Lindsay’s mom is wearing a penguin hat and earrings and as she turns around, it’s clear she’s crying tears of joy.

An elderly woman laughs, eyes closed, during a penguin competition at SeaWorld.  He is wearing a penguin hat.
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“Just two grandmothers sharing space together” A person says in the comments.

Really, what a special penguin match for a special lady. People are calling it a core memory, and I couldn’t agree more!

Watch the wholesome moment Lindsey’s mom finally meets the penguin for the first time in the video below.

@royalmaleficent Mom always wants to meet the penguin. #PenguinExperience #seaworldsandiego #macaronipenguin #Penguin ♬ Original Voice – Lindsay

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