Woman collects, donates toys for homeless pets.

“I’m a big rework person,” Prelock, 25, said. When I got my pet dogs a few years ago, they went through toys like nobody’s business. I thought it was a good way to reproduce. Plus it’s a win for everyone. People love it when they donate their toys.

In the past few months, Prelock has been home a lot because of a work-related injury at her city job. She posted a call for unwanted, in-need-repair pet toys on the Fishtown Facebook page, which soon spread across town. Prelock found himself making 15 pickup stops a run, and people like Abby Michaels started dropping off bags outside his house.

“It was great.”

Before long, Prelock had built his own island of lost (pet) toys in his Academy Garden home. Using scraps of old clothes, patches of new clothes, and squeakers bought on Amazon, her one-woman Santa’s workshop has so far restored nearly 300 toys with many more waiting in the wings.

Now and then, having all these toys around is very tempting for her own dogs, Terry and Polar, two rescue pit bulls.

“Sometimes when I’m sorting through them, Polar, my little one, will come and try to hide. I usually don’t let them have it. But if there’s something they’re very interested in, So I’ll usually go for one. I’ll go to the store and change it.”

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