Wisconsin Humane Society receives 5,000 pounds of pet food and litter for community pet pantry

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — The Wisconsin Humane Society’s food pantry serves countless families and their animals. For days, that pantry sat empty, until two local grocery chains heard their pleas.

Deliveries received by the Wisconsin Humane Society can change lives, especially for the youngest and most beloved family members.

“As fast as we get it, a lot of times, it’s gone because we have so many families that use this service,” said Billy Zakrzewski, humane adviser for the Wisconsin Humane Society.

At the Wisconsin Humane Society, Furry Friends Food Panty is an essential resource.

“I’ve been using this pantry for a long time. Probably five or six years,” said Walonda Eskridge, a community member.

For some people, buying pet food isn’t always an option.

“Sometimes I can. Sometimes I can’t. Like today, I can’t, so I come,” Eskridge said.

The more often this pantry is used, the faster it empties.

“We want to help change that,” said Emily Williamson, corporate affairs employee with Metro Market and Pick ‘N Save. “We wanted to do that because you know pets are family to a lot of us.”

That’s why Metro Market and Pick ‘N Save have donated more than $5,000 worth of pet food and litter.

“It’s great to be able to put animals in homes where they feel loved. It’s just, sometimes, families are struggling to provide those resources,” Williamson said.

It’s a donation that employees say is already helping many pets.

“It’s going to help a lot of families. We’ve already had people come in here who are providing it to their family or have a sibling who has an animal,” Zakrzewski said.

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