Wisconsin Humane Society Celebrates Its 5th Annual Poorly Groomed Pets Fundraiser

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) — The Wisconsin Humane Society’s fifth annual fundraiser is back in the badger state.

The fundraiser is called “Poorly Drawn Pets,” which gives amateur artists a chance to raise money for a good cause.

“In the end, it’s relaxing, you tap into a whole different side of your mind and have a lot of fun with it,” said Heather Hipke, an employee at Ellen Baker Investment Group.

Hipke, joined by a team of his colleagues, pulled pets submitted to the Wisconsin Humane Society. Each photo represents a $25 donation, which will go toward the humane society’s operational expenses.

“The people who are drawing are usually staff members at the humane society, or volunteers,” said Sarah McGurry, a volunteer.

Volunteers are not ashamed to admit that they are not Vincent van Gogh.

“I get a little nervous sometimes — it’s good, sometimes they go, ‘I don’t know,'” said Cameron Roth, an employee at Allen Baker Investment Group.

But after trial and error, the picture was taken, and the memories were made, all for a positive cause.

“Be able to do it in a fun way, where you’re making a donation and actually getting a hand-painted picture of your pet,” McGuire said.

The fundraiser was so popular, they have closed submissions for this year.

You can still donate money or volunteer your time with the humane society. For more information, Click the link here.

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