When Pets Are Banned in Apartments in New York State

When Can a Landlord Ban Your Apartment in New York State? It is important for both tenants and landlords to note the rules so that expectations are met. If you are interested in having a pet in your future apartment: Can you have a pet? How much can be charged for a pet deposit? We’ve got you covered.

  • If the lease says you have no pets, you have no pets.
  • If you bring a pet in, you are guaranteed to be evicted.
  • If it’s on your lease, but your landlord knows and approves of you keeping your pet, and you’ve had it for more than 3 months, you’re legally allowed to keep it.

There are a few exceptions to the law:

Tenants who are blind or deaf are allowed to have guide dogs or service dogs regardless of whether they have no pets in their lease. Also, tenants with chronic mental illness are allowed to have emotional support animals.”

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How much can you be charged for pet fees in apartments?

In most apartments in New York State, the law is that you cannot be charged more than 1 month’s rent for a pet fee/deposit.

Can your landlord refuse you if you have a pet?

Yes, a landlord can refuse to give you an apartment if you have a pet. If it’s a service animal, there are a handful of documents that may be required if you’re trying to move into an apartment that isn’t pet-friendly.

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