What’s Happening in Jeffco: Pets at Weddings, Wheat Ridge’s Everyday Hero, Helping Connect Families of Newborns and More

This week, clerks and recorders open their offices on Valentine’s Day for people who want to introduce their pets to their weddings. Meanwhile, Wheat Ridge honors an everyday hero while Family Connects is a new free resource for families with newborns and there’s a lot happening around Jeffco this week.

A reason to get married on Pawsitively Valentine’s Day

The Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office is hosting its first annual “Patioli in Love” marriage license event. Couples can bring their pets to their weddings on Feb. 14 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Jefferson County Administrative Building.

“Coloradians love their pets and so do we,” the clerk’s office said in a statement. “Many couples already bring their human family members with them to our office to celebrate their wedding, so we are excited to have their significant other join us this Valentine’s Day. “

The Clerk’s Office recently announced that it is increasing staffing and appointment availability for the big Valentine’s Day event. In addition to inviting pets into the office, clerks are also offering special Valentine’s Day stamps for marriage licenses, treats for humans and animals and more festivities.

The Jefferson County office always sees a big turnout for the holidays. According to the clerk’s office, all counties surrounding Jeffco are seeing maximum capacity for marriage licenses. Lots of couples in Jefferson County to get married.

Between 2022 and 2023, marriage licenses issued on Valentine’s Day have increased, according to the clerk’s office. The office issued more than 1,600 more marriage licenses in 2023 than in 2022, a 51 percent increase.

Here’s what you need to know before you go:

  • Appointments are necessary for the event.
  • The pair must complete. Marriage License Online Before the meeting.
  • Pet appointments are available from 8am to 11am.
  • Non-pet appointments are available from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Walk-ins are available all day, but the office expects long lines and wait times, so plan accordingly (appointments are strongly recommended).

“I can’t wait to meet some of my Jeffco dogs, cats, baby goats, parrots, iguanas or other beloved pets,” said Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Amanda Gonzalez.

Appointment scheduling and marriage licenses can be accessed online. Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Web Page.

“Pawsitively in Love” is a chance to get married with the whole family—including the family pet. The Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder’s office is open for appointments for couples who want to present their pet (any pet) on Valentine’s Day.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Jeffco Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

Wheat Ridge honors an everyday hero.

Wheat Ridge Parks and Recreation volunteer trip driver and guide Amy Trujillo was recently honored with the Everyday Heroes Award by Denver 7 and West Shore Homes.

Trujillo volunteers her days driving local seniors across the state. She has been to near Lakewood and as far as Pueblo. Trujillo was honored for giving his time to serve others.

Jeffco Public Health and Lutheran Medical Center introduced Family Connects to help newborns.

Caring for a new baby is an adjustment for the whole family. Jeffco Public Health and Lutheran Medical Center partner to offer Family Connect, a program that provides free support to families with new babies.

The program connects the family with a nurse who comes to the home to check on the well-being of the child and the entire family. This program focuses on the health and wellness of everyone in the household, in addition to pets.

“It’s great to have a mom-focused program,” said Amanda McCoy, family ambassador with the Family Connects program. “It’s all about you until delivery, and then as soon as the baby is born, it’s all about them and you’re worried. Family Connect is exactly what I needed, a program that Focuses on the mother as well as the baby and helps you understand what is normal to experience as a parent.”

According to Jeffco Public Health, the Family Connects model was created as a result of a survey of new parents. The study found that 95 percent of parents wanted help after childbirth but did not know where to find it. Other model studies The program was found to help reduce postpartum visits and hospital stays. Reports of anxiety and involvement of child protective services were also low.

For more information and to register for the program, visit FamilyConnectsColorado.org.

Lunch and mental health screening with Wheat Ridge and Jefferson Center for Mental Health.

The City of Wheat Ridge announced a partnership with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health to spread mental health awareness and resources in the community. The city will invest $400,000 from its American Rescue Plan fund to be used over the next four years.

“Partnering with the Jefferson Center is a way for the city to support the mental, emotional and overall well-being of our citizens. Together we will offer information, tools and resources to help our community thrive,” said City Manager Patrick Goff. I got help.

According to the announcement, the Jefferson Center will use the funds to “support the manager of community engagement at the Jefferson Center, professional development courses, the overall mission of the Jefferson Center, and presentations designed specifically for the Wheat Ridge community.”

Lunch includes a series of complimentary offerings. The series includes:

  • Self-Compassion Friday, February 16
  • Mindfulness Friday March 15th
  • Finding Happiness in Stressful Times Friday, April 19

Presentations and luncheon are free to the public with advance registration. They will be served at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center at 4005 Kipling St., Wheat Ridge. To register and for more information, visit Program event page or JCMH.org.

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