What happens to the pets of local hospital patients?

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Nonprofit organizations dedicated to finding homes for animals say these services are in high demand when a pet owner faces their final moments in hospice care.

Photo of Gracie Bully with KPA’s Rescue Coordinator. (Photo/Kerrville Pets Alive)

Carroll Pets Alive Recently rescued Gracie, a 9-year-old tabby cat, whose owner would soon pass away while in hospice care.

Karen Guerrero, the nonprofit’s board president, said the agency works directly with Peterson Health Hospice in Kerrville to rehome pets whenever asked, like in Gracie’s case.

“Our cat rescue coordinator was able to get Gracie to a safe place. She is doing great. We will adopt her when we feel she is ready. She will stay with a foster until then, Guerrero said.

Efforts are also underway to connect deserving pets with new, loving homes miles away in Austin.

Luis Sanchez Austin is alive with pets! (APA!), unaffiliated with Kerrville Pets Alive, said the nonprofit operates its own PASS program, an acronym that stands for Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender.

He said the PASS program works as a Facebook page Where locals can post pets in need of rehoming.

By page or Austin Pets Alive websitepeople can also reach out to help with things like food and pet supplies.

Last year, the program helped 7,000 animals—4,000 of which were in Travis County alone, Sanchez said.

While it doesn’t exclusively serve the pets of hospital patients, Sanchez said the re-homing scene comes up occasionally.

“It’s really a way to make sure the pet lives with a family that cares for them and loves them like they did before,” Sanchez said.

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