What a dog sitter did to earn a $500 tip is blowing people’s minds.

A dog family hit the lottery in terms of dog sitters when they received the most epic video of their fur baby while on vacation.

Usually dog ​​sitters send photos or videos to update parents, but Andrea Haverland’s dog sitter took the time to create an entire production based on the popular Christmas movie. home alone

Bulldog Mix starred himself in the video. Piggy was wandering around looking for Mom and Dad, but of course, they went on vacation and forgot about him. He was living life until intruders tried to break into the house.

Luckily, Piggy stops them with Roomba and the most hilarious ways to set off firecrackers.

Photos of Piggy the Bulldog during her adoption (left) and with a craft made by her dog sitter (right). This dog sitter even led the owners to make the movie “Home Alone” starring Piggie.
Andrea Haverland

To say people were obsessed would be the understatement of the year. gave TikTok videowhich was posted on Christmas, has garnered more than 1.3 million views and 218,100 likes.

The money the viral video made went towards paying vet bills and a very generous tip to the pet sitter. The owner ended up giving him a $500 tip.

One user suggested: “You should Venmo her so people can tip her.”

It’s the least it can do as a pet sitter not just for the owner’s Christmas, but for everyone else’s as well.

“My jaw dropped when he sent this video!” Haverland said Newsweek. “It’s my favorite Christmas movie, which I think she knows, and I couldn’t believe how creative and thoughtful it was. Such a great Christmas present.”

Finding the Right Pet Sitter

Your pets are your whole world, which makes the process of finding a pet that much more stressful. You want to make sure they are well taken care of and given as much love as possible while you are away. So, where does one start looking?

Many people hire friends or neighbors while others may turn to boarding facilities. However, hiring a professional pet sitter can give you more reason to relax as they offer a variety of services.

The American Kennel Club says pet sitters are an especially great option for households with multiple animals, pets with special needs, or owners who want to keep their dog in the comfort of their own home. are, which often makes pets less stressed.

A professional pet sitter provides reliability and peace of mind while the owner is away. It is recommended to visit the pet before hiring them. It allows you to watch your pet interact, share specific requests and ask for prices. You can also hire a pet sitter for the day to see how it goes before hiring them long term.

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