U.S. House votes to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker

1. Texas Republicans supported Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker.

2. McCarthy became the first House Speaker in American history to be removed from the position.

3. All 23 Texas Republicans voted to save McCarthy, while 13 House Democrats voted to remove him.

4. The House voted 216-210 to remove McCarthy, with eight Republicans joining Democrats.

5. A replacement for the speaker is expected to be elected soon.

6. U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry will serve as speaker pro tempore in the meantime.

7. U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez is open to a moderate Republican as the next speaker.

8. McCarthy faced opposition after passing a bipartisan funding bill.

9. Rep. Chip Roy expressed resistance to ousting McCarthy before finishing government funding.

10. The motion to vacate McCarthy's position has been looming since his election.