Nail Tech's Bold Choice: Prioritizing Loyalty Over Celebrity

A nail technician named Taya, known as @pimpinyapops, sparked a debate when she declined a nail appointment request from Cardi B on Twitter.

Taya explained on July 27 that she turned down Cardi B's request to prioritize her existing clients, stating, "My clients deserve to be serviced."

She emphasized her loyalty to her regular clients and revealed regret over a previous cancellation for a celebrity, which resulted in losing clients.

Taya's post gained over 511,700 views on Twitter and garnered mixed reactions.

Some Twitter users suggested that taking the opportunity to serve Cardi B could lead to bigger opportunities and exposure for her business.

Others praised Taya for valuing all her customers equally and making a wise business decision.

Amid the debate, Taya defended her choice and argued that choosing a celebrity over a loyal customer could lead to losing trust and future business.

Two days later, Taya expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with Cardi B but explained that the timing wasn't right.

Cardi B seemed unaware of Taya's identity when the situation gained attention on Instagram, asking, "GIRL. WHO ARE YOU?"

A day after Taya's post, Cardi B herself sparked a debate by throwing a microphone at an audience member during a Las Vegas concert, leading to a filed police report but no arrests as of July 31.

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