Veterinarians advise people to keep their pets warm.

MACON, Ga. – As the weather cools down. Cold temperatureIt’s important to remember that if it’s too cold for you, it might be too cold for your pet.

On Riverside Animal Hospital, Dr. Angela Shirling has worked as a veterinarian in Macon for 34 years.

Because we don’t get much cold weather in Georgia, he said it can catch people off guard.

“People usually don’t prepare when we have cold weather and, you know, your pets need to be protected as well. They need shelter and shelter from the wind and the wet,” Schorling said. ”

That’s why Schuerling said if the weather drops into the teens, it’s time to take those outdoor pets inside—no exceptions.

“Even a garage. If you can’t bring them into the house, a temporary setup in a garage, or an outbuilding or something that has protection.” he said.

He said it is also important to have some kind of bedding for pets in cold weather, which helps them maintain body heat.

And puppies, older dogs, and short-haired dogs need to be brought in before they kill teenagers because they are at higher risk.

Additionally, Schuerling said all pets should be overfed during colder days.

“It takes more calories to stay warm and just digesting and burning calories also helps pets generate body heat,” Schurling said.

She also wants pet owners to remember this. Just like us Pets can also catch a cold.

She recommends protecting the paws or not walking your pet on cold or frozen floors for long periods of time.

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