Velvet Hippo Blaze: Smithtown Adoptable Pet of the Week

SMITHTOWN, N.Y. — Blaze, a 10-year-old male patty mix, is the Smithtown Animal Shelter’s Pet of the Week.

Blaze has been a longtime resident of the animal shelter. He was released by animal control officers and released in a cage at Bladenburg Park.


“Blaise is a well-mannered, loving and affectionate gentleman,” Shelter wrote. “In his spare time, Blaze enjoys playing in pools, taking long walks, and spending time with his favorite people. He dislikes cold weather and is not a fan of rain. Sweet Blaze protects his people. Can and can be suspicious of meeting new ones. However, this little quirk is easily overcome by giving her a treat … cookies are the way to her heart. Overall. , this incredible boy is easy going and gentle. Once he trusts you, he will love you and be loyal. Forever to you.”

Blaze will do best in an adult-only home without other pets. Those interested should have experience with his breed, the sanctuary said.

Blaze. (Credit: Town of Smithtown)

If you are interested in meeting Blaze, please call an hour in advance to properly interact with him in the home environment, which includes the shelter’s meet and greet room, dog run and dog walk. included. Family pet meet and greets and interactions at home are also welcome and an essential part of the adoption process.

While the shelter is open to the public, it asks that people call ahead to make an appointment.

Currently hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-3pm Sunday and Wednesday evenings by appointment only.

To inquire about Pet of the Week or to meet your potential companion, call the Smithtown Animal & Adoption Center at 631-360-7575.

Smithtown Animal Shelter’s primary concern is to find the best home for every animal that finds its way. The Animal Control Officers at the Smithtown Animal Shelter will go out of their way to ensure that both the rescued and the rescuers are made for each other. If you have other pets, you can arrange to bring your four-legged family member to the shelter or they can set up an in-home meet and greet to see your potential new addition to the family. What does it do to other people, pets or family itself? . Please allow yourself at least an hour to meet your potential new family member.

The shelter is also looking for foster volunteers. Foster parents provide temporary care for cats, kittens and dogs in their homes. Some animals require as little as two weeks of care, while others may require longer care. Potential adopters need to have no other pets or small children in the home.

If interested, Download Foster’s application here..

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