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CAPE GIRARDEAU Mo. (KBSI) – Pet owners can get professional photos taken with their furry friends at Busch Pet Products for Valentine’s Day.

“You get a nice, quality, professionally produced digital photo that you can keep forever,” says Stacey Bush Hesserer, owner of Busch Pet Products.

She believes that many pet owners have a special bond with their pets and believes it is important to create lasting memories with them.

“Their pets are their children. Pets are their beloved family members. So, a professionally done portrait for them is something they can remember their pet for years to come. Busch-Heiserer said.

It’s a job she’s loved for 13 years, “Basically, we have a different backdrop every year. We try to use some props. People are welcome to bring their dogs or cats. Say, or—we have a rabbit.

The business also prides itself on doing other holiday-themed shoots like Halloween and Christmas.

Shift Lead Jasmin Brown credits the frequent events to their popularity, saying, “We had a whole line of people from the party room down to the stock room. It was really cool. We had lots of animals and everything. It was great.”

“I really want to take some Christmas pictures with my kids this year.” Brown said.

Portraits were provided by Elaine Rohde Photography and were available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The next portrait event is called for Mother’s Day.

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