Tips for Preparing Outdoor Animals for Freezing Weather

Texas, USA — As you prepare for the freezing weather, make sure you don’t forget your outdoor animals.

Smith County Animal Shelter Director Amber Green explains how to protect animals from the cold.

Green urges pet owners to bring them inside if they have an outside animal, but if that’s not possible, make sure they have a shelter that allows them to stand, turn and move. Enough to lie down. If the animal is very large. It will be difficult to keep the heat inside. So owners have to line it with something to help keep it warm.

“I would use grass instead of blankets because the blankets can get wet from the rain. Or if it’s a winter mix, it can melt on those blankets and the blankets freeze, then they’ll be on the snow.” ” Green said. . “So I’ll use grass because it’s a good insulator that can keep them warm.”

Green also advises owners to feed their animals about 20% more than usual to help them fight off the cold. For indoor dogs, make sure to bundle them up when you take them for a walk. Also cut your walks a bit shorter as animals can tire more quickly in the cold.

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