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Below-freezing temperatures will hit the area in the coming days, and the McKamey Animal Center (MAC) has issued tips on how to prepare you and your pets for the inclement weather.

Pets should not be left outside during temperatures below 35 F. If they can’t come inside, they should have a well-insulated shelter to protect them from the elements.

They recommend avoiding the use of blankets or hay for warmth in outdoor shelters because those items can freeze when wet, and recommend using straw for insulation instead.

Pet owners should ensure that pets have constant access to unfrozen food and water.

Pavement salts and antifreeze products can also damage a pet’s paw pads, so officials recommend limiting exposure to any chemicals.

Small animals seek shelter near car hoods and engines to keep warm. Gently hitting the hood of your car with your hand before turning the car on can scare away any animals that might be hiding inside.

If you find an animal that may be experiencing hypothermia, MAC says to bring it inside, wrap it in warm towels, and get it to an emergency veterinarian as soon as possible.

If you are concerned about the welfare of a pet and would like to file a report with the McKamey Animal Shelter, call their center at 423-305-6500 ext. 1.

MAC is also offering assistance to those who need to winterize outdoor pet enclosures while supplies last.

You can fill out a support request through their website, Here.

They are also accepting donations of straw, blankets, treats and enrichment items for shelter residents.

You can also order items from their online wish lists, Hereand send donations directly to the center.


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