This artist’s pet paintings help fund homeless animals.

JACKSON, MI – The Cascades Humane Society helped Jackson resident Barbara Ty Anderson find her lost dog several years ago, so she wanted to offer her services to say thanks.

She was a dog lover, so Barbara became a regular volunteer at a Jackson nonprofit, where she would walk dogs, do laundry and stand at the adoption center. Then she started using her true talent to help homeless animals.

“The painting came about as an accident for the humane society,” Barbara said. “They invented the idea as a fundraiser.”

Barbara, 89, is known for her watercolor paintings of pets, flowers and landscapes. He worked in commercial art for many years and resumed his passion for painting in his retirement.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cascades Humane Society started a fundraiser where residents can pay to have their pet’s portrait painted. Barbara was an artist.

Heather Leszinski, executive director of the Cascades Humane Society, said Barbara’s work always looked professional, and worthy of hanging on the wall. After the fundraiser ended, her paintings were so well received, CHS asked Barbara to continue painting, which she was happy to do, she said.

“Paintings keep me busy,” Barbara said. “I’ll continue as long as they keep getting orders.”

Residents can pay $30 to have their pet’s portrait painted by Barbara. All funds are donated to CHS, and Barbara estimates that she has raised over $2,000 for the humane society since she started.

He said Barbara painted a wide range of animals including dogs, cats and even some sheep.

Photos and donations are submitted through it. Cascades Humane Society website. She uses the pet image to draw a sketch, paint a portrait and sign it with her signature “tie”. Once she’s finished, the crew picks up the paintings and delivers them to the owners.

Barbara’s main medium is watercolor, she said, because it’s easy and she can create a portrait in a few hours. She said she likes to paint all animals, but said she prefers to get a clear and bright image, so she can make sure the pets’ personalities can shine through.

“Some animals have personality,” Barbara said. “Golden retrievers have a big smile on their face. Animals like that are fun.”

Thursday, January 18 Pet portraits painted by Barbara Ty Anderson. Barbara is known for creating watercolor paintings of pets to raise funds for the Cascades Humane Society.

Barbara said that doing these paintings keeps her active, and it’s also a way for her to give back to the Cascades Humane Society from the comfort of her home. One of the largest commissions he has at one time is nine portraits.

Barbara said people usually order portraits because they are more personal than hanging a picture of a pet, and they also make great gifts for friends, siblings or parents.

The Cascades Humane Society also believes it’s because portraits help families pay tribute to their fluffy family members.

“Barb is really talented, and she can do more than just pets, but it’s nice to be able to do pets,” Leszczynski said.

Leszczynski said that although the Cascades Humane Society receives most of its donations from its large, annual fundraising events, the portraits still provide some assistance with day-to-day operations, such as vaccinations, spay and neutering services, microchipping and deworming. Prevention, Leszynski said.

“Whether it’s one portrait or five portraits, it all helps, and everything goes to the animals,” Leszczynski said.

Barbara began her artistic journey when she was young, adding that she believes she always had an artistic bone in her body. She previously lived in the suburbs of Chicago and studied at the American Academy of Art there before starting a career in commercial art.

His family moved to Jackson years later, where he worked for 27 years at Jacobson’s Department Store in their advertising department. It wasn’t until his retirement that he decided to turn his art from being a profession to a passion.

She has been busy ever since, between working on pet portraits and her other watercolor paintings. Barbara’s art has previously been featured at the Jackson College Potter Center, and is currently on display at Vista Grande Villa, where she lives. When she is not painting, Barbara likes to garden.

Those interested in donating to CHS by purchasing a pet portrait from Barbara can do so through Cascades Humane Society website.

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