These 15 adorable pet Christmas costumes are perfect as paws.

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The holidays are upon us. You’ve probably already picked out your Christmas outfit and hung it in your closet, waiting for the big day. But what about your pets? They want to look cute too! It’s not like they have money. You will have to go shopping for them.

Plus, you really can’t let your pet down if they’re trying to serve this year. You bought them Halloween costumes, so let them show off for Santa this year. There’s really no reason not to, unless your pet absolutely hates wearing clothes anyway. Need some inspiration? These 15 cutest dog, cat and pet costumes are your best bet this year. Read on to see our favorite picks.

1. Santa’s Little Helper: This is cute All red holiday dress with gift. It looks like it came from Mrs. Claus herself, and it’ll keep your dog warm, too — just $21!

2. A Christmas Tree: Wrap it up Christmas tree with ornaments Light up your dog or cat around and everyone’s faces – was $17, now that’s it $16!

3. Sweet Sweater: You can’t go wrong with a Fun Christmas sweaterespecially when there’s a cute snowman on it — that’s it $15!

4. Reindeer Ribbons: No one can resist this festively dressed pet Red wreath with charming ribbon and reindeer antlers – Bus $10!

5. Furry Frosty: Keep things festive by turning your pet into a A real, moving holiday snowman – Was $20, now only $18!

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Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for certain links to products and services. We’ve already started planning our holiday outfits for family photos and reunions with hometown friends this year, but we’re not the only ones who need festive, inspired looks for the season. What about our pets? our (…)

6. Elf-ing Cute: Dress up your pets as one. Glowing Christmas Elf With light-up decoration – was $19, now only $17!

7. Santa Paws: Dress up your pet as the tiniest Santa ever lived. This beautiful vintage Saint Nicholas costume For some truly festive cheer — that’s all $15!

8. Jolly Jewel Tones: It’s beautiful Jewel tone holiday dress Crafted from glittery tulle and glitter – that’s it $21!

9. Darling Dress: Buy your pet a Simple, stretchy frock with a snowman and “Merry Christmas” motif Complete with a big bow — that’s it $21!

10. Alternative Reindeer: This adorable outfit looks like Santa ditched his reindeer. Ride on your pet’s back. – Bus $19!

11. Laying a wreath on the ground: Deck your pets with one. Cute neck scrunchie This just looks like a fun Christmas wreath. $23!

12. Classic Christmas: Dress your pets in the best clothes. Red and white Christmas dress It looks just like Santa’s outfit. $12!

13. Beauty of Buffalo: It’s beautiful Buffalo Plaid Print Dress Made just for the holidays, and the bow detail is so fun. $16!

14. Dog Pajamas: Every dog ​​is loved. Fuzzy, cozy pajama set, and there are even smaller dogs on them! – Was $16, now only $14!

15. Bus Conduction: Give this Colorful holiday sweater To your pets so they can send a message: they’re “chilling with their snow” – that’s it $22!

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Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for certain links to products and services. While we love the November/December holidays, we’re always a little sad when Halloween rolls around. We love costumes with cute, themed dresses and costumes! So why don’t we take a little of that fun (…)

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