Therapets Meals donates over 500 pounds of pet food to Fur Pets.

TYLER, Texas — It’s the season of giving, and a local nonprofit made a big donation to the East Texas Food Bank to help many dear friends in the East Texas community.

Therapate donated 530 pounds of pet food. East Texas Food Bank. In total, it was 424 pounds of dog food and 111 pounds of cat food. Therapet Executive Director Elysia Reineck said they are always happy to help their community.

“As a 501C3 nonprofit organization we are completely donor supported. So we really love coming together with other nonprofits in East Texas because we know the importance of donations whether they are in kind or in kind. Financial,” Reineck said.

If you have a pet, it’s probably safe to say that you’ll do almost anything for them, including sharing your food if they need it. This donation goes directly to the ‘Meals on Wheels Fur Program’ offered by the East Texas Food Bank to help pet owners provide food for themselves and their furry friends.

“It’s a little-known fact that eMals on Wheels has a pet program, but what we’ve found over the years is that our Meals on Wheels clients who have pets want to feed their hungry pets. They were more inclined to give away food on wheels than to eat themselves. So we thought we should start providing dog and cat food to solve this problem, so that humans can get their food and pets can also get theirs. Get the food,” said Miranda Asmusin, director of marketing and public relations for Meals on Wheels.

Every holiday season since 2015, Therapet has donated pet food. However, this year could be the biggest ever, and the impact could be felt for months.

“About 10% of our total clients have a dog or a cat that’s in our pet food program, and so we take these big bags of dog and cat food and we give them out. distributed in gallon-sized ziplock bags. A donation of over 500 pounds should last us three or four months,” Asmussen said.

But the giving doesn’t stop during the holidays. Donations of pet food are welcome to the East Texas Food Bank at any time to help their Meals on Wheels program.

“People can bring dog or cat food here Monday through Friday, 8 to 3, every week,” Asmussend said. “We will embrace it and put it to good use.”

It’s a great way to give back to the pets who give us so much love in return.

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