The West’s obsession with humanizing pets is driving us insane.

Here’s a question I ask myself over and over again when I listen to dog and cat owners talk, hear adults utter pleading sentences for their animals, or the cause of a distressed or poorly behaved pet. Finding Social Projects Derailed: Do People Still Know? that pets are animals, Little is not a real god.or princesses, or humans of otherworldly qualities?

It’s getting pretty hard to tell really. Pet personalities are completely out of control. Pooches and cats have “their own” social media accounts, sometimes gaining millions of followers. Pets are considered part of the family just like any other human member.

And now we know they’re eclipsing real human stars, earning millions as they go. Watch the rise of “Nepo Pet” – the animal version of “Nepo Baby” (a young person riding on the coat tails of a famous parent).

Chip, German supermodel Claudia Schiffer’s cat, is the latest example of a big-time influence. Schaefer appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show to discuss his upcoming role in the film Argyle with Billy.

“We had another cat in the film,” he said. “He’s not a very good actor. He was terrible. He was also very expensive.” Her husband, film director Matthew Vaughn, suggested they use a chip, to which Shaffer replied: “Why not, he could be a Nepo cat”. The supermodel added that she and her husband are working on a spin-off that Chip is also developing.

Celebrities, seemingly detached from the real world, are embracing the trend without shame. Taylor Swift asked to bring her cat to Time Person of the Year Award. Pete’s rich list puts – yes – another one of Swift’s cats, Olivia Benson, at $97m thanks to her videos and ads.

The growing inability to tell the difference between great people and pets would be funny if it weren’t so insane.

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