The Wake County Animal Shelter accepts applications for surrendered pets.

Photo courtesy of the Wake County Animal Center

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Big news from the Wake County Animal Shelter on Tuesday as the center will resume accepting surrendered animals starting Thursday.

The center is reopening its doors to pets whose owners can no longer care for them or no longer want them. However, people can’t just walk away and abandon their pets.

Owners must follow a new, multi-step process, including completing an application and making an appointment.

Animal shelter officials said the new procedure is intended to keep owners who want to keep their pets from exceeding the facility’s capacity, while also reducing the risk of the center running out of space. Because of the need to please animals.

Wake County Commissioner Vicki Adamson said, “The center originally decided to accept the owner’s surrender on Jan. 2 due to space limitations, but some in the animal rescue community said we should continue this important service. restart.” “The reintroduction of owner surrenders based on space availability, by appointment, is part of a multi-pronged approach to addressing capacity issues in our community.”

“The original decision to suspend the owner’s surrender was not made lightly,” said Dr. Jennifer Federico, director of the Wake County Animal Center. “The current shelter was built to support Wake County’s population of 190,000 residents. It is now at about 1.2 million residents.

“Although we have decided to resume owner surrender applications on February 1st, we need our community to consider our center as our last resort. When you adopt an animal, it’s a lifetime commitment. “Responsible pet ownership is one of the most important components in solving our obesity problem,” added Dr. Federico.

The shelter will only surrender if space is available. Before surrendering the pet, Wake County will help try to rehome those dogs or cats.

Before applying to surrender a pet, the center is asking owners to try to rehome their pet on their own. Click here To access a web page with tips and recommendations.

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