The vet strongly urges dog owners not to leave their pets alone when they are put down.

Just like us, our beloved pets are only on this earth for a short time and eventually have to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

You have to choose your insert. Pooch The bottom is very difficult, even if it is in both of your interests.

It’s not exactly sunshine and rainbows to carry out the procedure, as let’s face it – the death of one. Animals The companionship is absolutely heartbreaking for everyone involved.

And after witnessing the last moments of hundreds of our beloved friends, some vets have picked up on things and now make a heartfelt plea to dog owners who Preparing to say goodbye.

In a ___ Reddit thread, the anonymous vet explained that while it can be very difficult for people to deal with, they need to remember that it’s just as scary for the pet going through it.

He explained that despite trying to ‘give grace and save judgement’ in how an owner deals with the grieving process, spending a dog is ‘f***ing’. These are the last moments Looking for where their owner has gone.

The post read: “I feel like it’s the last comfort you can give your friend, just being by their side and comforting them.

“Ugh. We had one recently that hit me hard, wish it had ended differently.”

Doctors encourage owners to stay with their pooches until the end. Credit: Getty Stock Image

The vet explained that some people think their canine will just think they’ve ‘passed out for a moment’, but said they miss the point.

He continued: “Even if that was the case, they still press on.

“All this dog that we’ve subjected to cruelty, after his owners left, tried very hard to get himself out the front door with his leash and kept crying and stressing until That propofol couldn’t get it. We did our thing and did all the treating. Love, but the focus was always, ‘Where did they go?’

“Say what you want, I think it’s very sad that those were his last moments. He was a really good boy and I just wish he was more at peace because I think he’s his. Deserved.”

Vets explain that dogs seek out their owners when they are left alone.  Credit: Getty Stock Image
Vets explain that dogs seek out their owners when they are left alone. Credit: Getty Stock Image

He wrote: “They already don’t like the doctor, they are confused, they are scared, they are sad and they are looking for you when they take their last breath.

“I can try to give them as much love and comfort as I humanly can but at the end of the day, I’m a stranger to them.”

Many Redditors praised the couple for treating the animals as comfortably as possible before they died, while sharing their own experiences of losing their pets.

One said: “I was holding my dog ​​as he walked by. That moment will always haunt me. But if I had the choice, I would do it again.”

Another wrote: “People who ‘choose’ to leave their dog to die alone are total bastards and they didn’t deserve that dog.”

A third added: “You are an angel on our earth. Thank you for your kindness.”

And a fourth commented: “My parents always give up their dogs when it’s time. I feel like they can’t take it. I try to understand but I can’t.”

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