The proposed bill aims to increase safety in pet kennels by requiring fire alarms, sprinklers and inspections.

after the Two fires at Seattle dog day care businesslawmakers in Olympia are pushing for safety changes within the pet boarding industry.

part of Proposed Bill (HB 2403) Will make fire alarms or sprinklers mandatory on all facilities where pets are kept.

The bill, originally proposed by state Rep. Darya Freer, aims to protect pets when they’re riding in an area business.

Forever, a Democrat who represents Washington’s 46th legislative district, began his search. Dog care rules and regulations Seattle’s dog resort locations and boarding facilities over a nine-month period after the fire.

A fire broke out on February 1, 2023. A dog resort in Lake City where more than 100 dogs escaped.. Fortunately, no humans or dogs were injured.

The Seattle Fire Department (SFD) said the fire was accidental and started in the dryer. According to SFD’s fire inspection reporter, employees at The Dog Resort said there have been several fires in the past, but they were able to contain the fire before it spread.

The latest fire occurred in November 2023. This time, it was. The SODO facility that caught fire. In this case, a dog named Georgie escaped from a fire at the facility and was killed on I-5.

The cause of the November fire is still under investigation.

House Bill 2403 It is hoped to prevent such fires from occurring. For this, dog and cat kennels will need fire alarm systems or fire sprinklers.

The bill calls for fire suppression systems to automatically notify emergency responders when activated. A fire inspector will also need to ensure that kennels have the systems in place to obtain or maintain a business license with the state Department of Revenue.

“I feel like they get it,” said Alison Scarborough, the dog’s mother. “I couldn’t be more excited about the potential of this bill.”

Scarborough owned Georgie. Her other dog, Remy, also escaped the facility but survived despite being seriously injured.

Since the fire, she has been pushing to increase safety standards at kennels and boarding facilities. Scarborough sees the proposed bill as a step in the right direction.

He said that there is an aspect of transparency with the bill.

The proposed legislation would require businesses to notify customers if a kennel’s license has been revoked or suspended. It will also be important to post the information in a place that is easily visible to users.

“If you don’t have any violations that you have to publicize and you don’t have any suspended licenses that you have to disclose, that’s bragging rights,” he said. “It’s an asset to the business.”

And that’s what the pet owners involved in the dog resort fire want: a better pet boarding industry, where the bar is raised and pets are better protected.

The proposed bill will have a public hearing in the House committee on Tuesday. It will also have a public hearing in the House Committee on Local Government on the same day.

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