The Pet Project: Are You Your Cat’s Favorite Human?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — They may show it differently, but cats are just as closely related to humans as dogs, animal advocate Carol Erickson explained on this week’s Pet Project.

How can you tell who your cat’s favorite person is? There are a few ways, Erickson said.

One sign, he said, is “the slow blink they give, where they partially close their eyes, and then maybe they look to the side.”

Another signal is head-butting, when cats rub their head or face against a person, which is a way for animals to rub their pheromones on people they like, Erickson said. Cats like it if people rub their heads or faces from behind, she said.

“If a cat spends most of its time with you, it really likes you,” she added.

Another sign that you are a favorite is if the cat trusts you. A sign of trust is when a cat takes medicine from a person without a fight, Erickson said.

That said, in the end, if a cat is excited to see you after a while, it’s a sign that you’re the cat’s favorite person.

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If you want to be your cat’s favorite, spend time with them, but don’t force attention, Erickson advises.

Cats also like people who have similar personalities, Erickson said, so a playful cat may like a lively person while a more laid-back cat may be drawn to a more laid-back person. Is.

Watch the full interview and learn more in the video player above.

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