The owner adopts the cat, then makes a shocking discovery when they bring the pet home.

A pet owner who recently adopted a beautiful white cat discovers that their new feline companion may be hiding a secret.

In a video posted on TikTokviewers are introduced to Enoki the cat who, according to the account’s bio, is called “Fluffy, Chunky, maybe blind

Evidence for this last claim can be found in a clip shared under the handle enokitheblind that has been viewed 18 million times and highlights several accidents that could have been avoided if Enoki had been able to see. .

In a follow-up clip, the cat’s owner confirms that, after a veterinary consultation, Enoki Clearly a “little blind”. However, even without this assessment, the actual video speaks for itself. see it Here.

Cats’ eyes are designed differently than many other species, in part because our feline friends have evolved in a way that enables them to see more clearly both day and night.

Having such fine vision comes at a considerable cost, though, as cats are more prone to eye injuries and a variety of eye diseases that can affect their vision and sometimes lead to blindness.

Dr. Thomas Kern, DVM, former associate professor of ophthalmology at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, said he used to see cats “that either Blind or going blind. several times a week.”

Dr. Kern said in a Cornell University article: “Most of these animals have eye disease as a primary disorder—they have no other health problems. And most of them are middle-aged. Or there are older cats whose vision loss has progressed over the years.”

According to Dr. Karan, the leading cause of retinal blindness is inflammation of the uvea (uveitis), the middle part of the eye where the iris, ciliary body and choroid sit. A chronic condition that results in gradual blindness, symptoms include inflammation of the eyeball, some squinting, swollen third eyelids and enlarged eyes.

File photo of a white cat. A pet owner has shared footage of the tell-tale signs that her rescue cat may be blind.

Other common disorders that cause blindness include retinal detachment, which is often associated with high blood pressure and an overactive thyroid gland, or injuries such as kidney disease and corneal ulcers.

The reason for Enoki’s blindness is unclear but it is not holding him back. In the viral Tik Tok video, he can be seen confidently walking around his new owner’s apartment, even if he occasionally bumps into furniture and at one point a wall.

Regardless of any poor eyesight, Enoki’s efforts have earned him a lot of fans and praise on TikTok. Some people who have been in the same position as pet owners before offered sympathy. “Our cat is deaf,” commented one user. “We didn’t know for five years.”

Others had wiser advice. “Please don’t change your home layout,” advised one user. “He will remember where everything is as long as you don’t change anything in the house.”

More than anything though there was a lot of love for Enoki. “Oh yeah he’s blind,” commented one. “Looks cute anyway.” Another added: “Take care of it.”

Newsweek enokithecat on TikTok has been contacted for comment.

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