The Japanese airline will allow pets on all domestic flights from January.

A Japanese airline will allow passengers to bring their small dogs and cats on board on all domestic flights starting in January in a bid to attract more customers, its website showed on Saturday. .

In this file photo, a passenger checks in with a dog during a trial run at Kitakyushu Airport in Fukuoka Prefecture on Dec. 5, 2021. (kyudo)

Star Flyer Inc. After becoming the first domestic airline to offer the service on flights between Fukuoka Prefecture’s Kitakyushu Airport and Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in March 2022, the company has decided to extend it from January 15 due to its popularity.

Passengers are allowed one pet per person, up to two animals per flight. Tickets for pets cost 50,000 yen ($350) per animal, and owners will be assigned a seat in the last row of the plane with their pet’s crate.

Those traveling with their pets are asked not to feed them during the flight, although water is allowed.

Starting in 2024, pets will be allowed on flights between Haneda and Kansai airports in Osaka Prefecture, Yamaguchi Obe Airport and Fukuoka Airport in Yamaguchi Prefecture, as well as Chubu Airport in Aichi Prefecture and Fukuoka.

“We would like to improve customer satisfaction by helping them travel with their pets,” said a Star Flyer representative, adding that so far the service on flights between Kitakyushu and Haneda has served approx. 300 have been used.

This file photo taken on July 20, 2013 shows an Airbus A320 aircraft operated by Japanese medium-sized carrier Star Flyer. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo

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