The elderly woman left her entire $2.8 million fortune to her pets instead of her children.

An elderly woman has caused a stir by stripping her children of her will and leaving all her wealth to her pets.

And we’re not just talking about table scraps, old Ms. Liu has left pets a huge sum.

Ms Liu, from Shanghai – whose exact age was not confirmed – changed her will, alleging that her children had not visited her enough in her old age, particularly her After he fell ill, he was neglected.

Meanwhile, her pets provided her with comfort and companionship in her fall years.

And it turns out that the comfort and companionship is worth it. $2.8 million He has left them.

But the will has created a legal problem because, technically, it’s not legal to bequeath one’s pets. China.

At present, a local veterinary clinic has been appointed to oversee and manage the estate.

There are already legal challenges to blocking the will. Animals According to Zhonglan News and South China Morning Post.

Now, authorities are looking for other ways to try and resolve the unusual situation.

It’s like the dog won the rollover. Credit: PM Images/Getty

Chen Kai, who works as an official at the national headquarters of China’s Will Registration Center in Beijing, said there are ‘alternatives to solve this problem’.

The official said: “Liu’s current will is one way, and we would have advised her to appoint someone she trusts to oversee the veterinary clinic to ensure that the pets should be properly cared for.”

Ms Liu is not the only person to take such a step when it comes to inheritance and dogs.

Real estate billionaire Leona Helmsley, nicknamed the ‘Queen of Men’, left a fortune of $12 million. Dog trouble, but nothing to two of his four grandchildren.

He didn’t go into detail about why he cut out his grandsons Craig Penzier and Megan Penzier, saying: “I made a will for my grandson Craig Penzier or my granddaughter Megan Penzier for these reasons. But did not make any provisions that they are aware of.”

This is one lucky dog.  Credit: Joe McBride/Getty
This is one lucky dog. Credit: Joe McBride/Getty

Helmsley is also known for his alleged statement to a housekeeper, who claimed the billionaire told her: “We don’t pay taxes. Only very few people do.”

Helmsley was later convicted of tax evasion in 1989 and served 18 months in federal prison. He declined to comment.

The case gained a lot of attention, and a judge later ordered that the amount left for Treble be reduced to just $2 million.

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