The deadly backyard mistake Aussies are making is snakes under beloved pets like wolves.

Australia is being urged to act after the latest. Fatal attack on a family pet, which included a coastal carpet python feeding on a guinea pig. Snake catcher Brandon Gifford says a mother, father and their teenage daughter owned the pet for five years before it became the reptile’s dinner.

In a video, snake Gifford can be seen squirming in the pet hut before being pulled out. Revealing a bloated belly. “It will take about three or four days for the guinea pig to digest and the snake won’t need to eat for another month,” he explained. “If they really need to, they can go six months to a year without eating.”

Brandon Gifford inside a guinea pig cage with a carpet python (left), a close-up of the snake (center), and Brandon holding the snake with its bloated belly (right).

A snake catcher is urging pet owners to secure enclosures so no more ‘lovely friends’ are eaten. Source: Facebook

How to protect your furry friends

This is the latest deadly attack in Queensland A series of similar events. “There was one a few weeks ago, two little girls and they both lost their guinea pigs at the same time, and it was pretty bad,” Gifford, from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, told Yahoo News Australia.

“This has happened recently with guinea pigs, in these special huts where they have wide netting and no base on it. The python can very easily squeeze its head under or through the netting. These particular guinea pigs pig huts, they’re not just snake proof, they’re not made for Australia.”

Gifford is now urging pet owners to adapt their cages to protect the pets and put small netting around the entire hutch, including the base, so grass can still come up but snakes can’t get in. . In a video shot in Caboolture, he said it was an “easy fix”.

“It’s always sad,” he said. “We hate to see the family pet snake inside, everyone does, but if you have some spare time on your weekend, definitely make those adjustments and you probably won’t have one.”

The best time to encounter snakes

An unusually early start to summer in Australia led to an early start to the snake breeding season, and the reptiles got down to business by August. “We’ve had a lot of heat so everything is starting to grow, just to prepare in case of a drought,” Gifford explained. “Snake species in particular will try to breed a little more if it’s going to be dry, just to increase their numbers in case of tough times.”

Many pythons are feeding now we are at the end of a bumper breeding season. “The first thing they want to do is go out and get a big food item in them, whether they’ve just laid a clutch of eggs and they’ve used those resources or the males are actively looking for females. “Get out and it’s cooked again, so they go for a big meal,” said the snake catcher.

Fortunately, as non-venomous snakes, pythons are relatively harmless to people, but they can quickly kill pets. “They’re a constrictor so they just cut, squeeze fast and cut off blood circulation,” Gifford said, “so the animal actually dies a lot quicker than what we would expect.” I thought before.”

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