The Colorado factory has a pet ‘wall of shame’ for product destroyers.

A Puzzle Factory exhibit has gained attention for its unique tribute to a common problem — what happens when your pet grabs a puzzle piece?

In a special section of the Liberty Puzzle Factory in Boulder, Colorado, sits an infamous “wall of shame” filled with pictures of pets who have committed the ultimate crime in the eyes of puzzle lovers everywhere. .

Elle, a puzzle fan from Austin, Texas, was so impressed by the exhibit during a visit that she snapped a photo and shared it. RedditWhere thousands of people have been left with stitches later.

“I thought it was hilarious and spent a lot of time looking at it. I got permission to take a picture. I wanted to share it with Reddit because I thought it would bring joy to everyone who saw it. See,” Elle said. Newsweek.

Founded in 2005, Liberty Puzzles creates wooden jigsaw puzzles inspired by a history of family memories of enjoying puzzles together. Newsweek Liberty Puzzle reached out via email.

Picture a “wall of shame” filled with pictures of puzzle solvers. This mural is a feature at the Liberty Puzzle Factory in Boulder, Colorado.
u/hybridginger/ Reddit

To deal with losses after puzzle pieces are stolen, Liberty Puzzle Factory has devised a new method. Instead of the traditional payment for replacement pieces, the factory encourages affected customers to send in a photo of their puzzle-stealing pet. It’s a thrilling exchange, turning a disaster into a heartwarming display of pet antics.

The Wall of Shame boasts a montage of naughty pets caught in the act. Elle revealed that it was “mostly dogs”, although she did see one fish.

“The workers didn’t know the Goldfish story, unfortunately, because it’s been a long time since most of them have worked there,” Elle said.

After sharing the photo of the mural on Reddit’s r/mildlyinteresting subreddit, it received more than 29,000 votes and hundreds of comments.

One commenter called it “criminally cute” while another suggested: “They should do a wall of shame puzzle.”

It wasn’t just the animals on the wall, other examples of things that seem to cripple a puzzle piece are an automatic vacuum, a washer and even game of thrones The character Cersei, for reasons unknown.

“While I thought I’d get some reaction to it, I didn’t expect this level of attention. I’m happy to make so many people happy and, in doing so, shine a light on a small business.” Elle said. “Liberty Puzzle Factory deserves all the recognition it can get. Puzzles are works of art.”