The best pets in Harry Potter


  • Fluffy, the three-headed dog, is a powerful and adorable pet who serves as the loyal guardian of the Sorcerer’s Stone, making him very popular in the wizarding world.

  • Nagini, a cursed python, is a formidable and useful familiar to Lord Voldemort, but she is not in the cutest category due to her evil nature.

  • Despite being an annoying pet, Scabbers (Peter Pettigrew) proves exceptionally useful to Voldemort, but his true loyalty is to the Dark Lord, not the Weasleys.

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In the magical world of harry potter, There are many wonderful magical creatures that sometimes turn into a wizard or witch’s companion. Some are powerful, impressive and charming, while others are downright evil. The competition can be fierce as these enchanting magical creatures compete neck and neck to be the best pet.


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In addition to its helpfulness, personality, and charm, each magical creature also has a very interesting backstory that endears it to fans around the world. Although not serving as a familiar, these pets are important to their humans, accompanying them in their daily lives as well as in battle.

8 Fluffy

Loyal guardian of the Sorcerer’s Stone

A picture of Harry Potter: Fluffy

As a terrifying but wonderful creature, Fluffy is a three-headed dog who first Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Fluffy is owned by Hagrid and acts as a guard dog that protects. The ever-valuable Philosopher’s Stone In one of the many secret rooms at Hogwarts.

Hagrid uses music to calm the oversized dog and he doesn’t seem to be afraid of him at all. Although he’s intimidating and can send shivers down the spine, Fluffy’s appearance doesn’t change the fact that he’s strong, powerful, and can be lovable when calm, making him one of the wizarding world’s best. It is one of the most popular pets.

7 Nagini.

Lord Voldemort’s mighty familiar

A picture of Harry Potter: Nagini.

Probably native to the deep forests of Indonesia, Nagini. There was one Maledictus Cursed in the form of a python. At first she could control her transformation at will, but as the curse grew, it became uncontrollable.

Throughout the franchise, Nagini is the most important plot point, serving as one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes and suggesting another connection between Harry and Harry. Although can be said to be very beneficial due to Nagini. His dedication and loyalty to’s hard to say that she scores well in the cute category.

6 itching

Difficult Fraudulent Evil “Rat”

A picture of Harry Potter: Scabbers

itching The Weasleys had a pet, which took the form of a grey-brown rat. The rat turned out to be an Animagus. Coward Peter Pettigrewand Ron Weasley’s disgust is justified when he discovers he’s keeping a traitor as his pet.


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Although he is known as a notorious coward, it cannot be denied that he was instrumental in Voldemort’s reincarnation during the Second Wizarding War. His loyalty is not to his original owners, the Weasleys, but to someone else he fears. The Dark Lord. Despite his brutal personality, Wormtail can also be somewhat lovable in his animagus form.

5 mistake

Loyal Courier of the Weasleys

A picture of Harry Potter: Errol

mistake There is an owl that has been. Serving Wesley for a long time., and has proven his undying loyalty to family. However, Errol is aging and his senses and abilities are steadily declining by the time Ron arrives at Hogwarts. Errol is one of the many things Ron is given as a hand-me-down.


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As an owl, Errol does his duty by delivering Ron’s letters, but ends up humiliating Ron in front of his classmates. Despite his old age, Errol is admired for his sweet but clumsy nature.

4 Aragog

King of the forbidden forest

A picture of Harry Potter: Aragog

A giant spider as a pet may seem like a ridiculous idea, but ultimately, having a pet Aragog Will definitely be amazing. Aragog is very loyal to Hagrid. and prefers to isolate himself in the Forbidden Forest because he wants to repay Hagrid by not causing him any trouble. Aragog’s appearance is very frightening and intimidating to Harry and especially Ron, as he appears in the Chamber of Secrets.

However, her poison is actually very valuable after death, as can be seen during her funeral, when the poison is collected by Potions Professor Horace Slughorn. This underscores its value as one of the potential pets of a powerful wizard.

3 Crookshanks

Hermione’s adorable bundle of oranges

A picture of Harry Potter: Crookshanks

Part Cat and Part Kennel, Crookshanks Portrayed as an intelligent and playful cat with tiger-like fur and demeanor. Hermione bought it at the Menagerie of Magic before starting her studies at Hogwarts. Because of its half-kennel lineage, these adorable creatures are not like ordinary cats.

Crookshanks has the ability to detect animagi, as can be seen in his behavior around Peter Pettigrew, who was taking the form of Scrabbles. Also, Crookshanks Helped decode Sirius Black. Gryffindor’s common room password. Not only is he cute, but Crookshanks’ intelligence proves his strong utility as a pet bookish witch.

2 Book back

Cute Hippogrif with awesome power

A photo from Harry Potter: The Book of Backs

book back, Also known as Beaky and Witherwings, a male hippogriff plays an important role. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Hippogriffs are extremely proud creatures.and will not disrespect anyone.

Draco Malfoy seems to have missed the memo, or decided to ignore the memo, resulting in him being infected by Buckbeak’s talons. After being sentenced to death during a class taught by Hagrid, Buckbeak manages to escape his death with the help of Hermione’s time-turner. His ability to fly is very beneficial and is a major plot point in his first appearance.

1 Hedwig

A brave snowy owl with undying loyalty

A picture of Harry Potter: Hedwig

Hedwig It is one of the most important pets in the wizarding world. Not only is she able to deliver the mail, but this cute snowy owl is Harry’s longtime companion. He is perceptive and intelligent, and It is shown as a pet. Which is closely related to his human being.


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During the Battle of the Seven Potters, Hedwig falls to her death after being hit by a curse that kills Harry. To honor his bravery and companionship, Harry always has a snowy owl as his companion.

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