The AWSOM Animal Shelter in Monroe County is fostering pets.

Stroudsburg, Pa. — There’s nothing like coming home for the holidays, but Blair, a 2-year-old Alaskan Malamute AWSOM Animal Shelterthere is no choice.

But you can help by fostering one during the shelter’s annual Holiday Pet Foster Program.

“It brings joy, especially during the holidays. If someone loses someone or they’re just trying to fill that void, an animal, most of the time, can do that because animals are people. will come by. They’ll spend time. With the people there with them,” said Brandon Overbeck, vice president of operations at AWSOM.

Every cat and dog can be adopted at the shelter near Stroudsburg.

Shelter workers say the program is a win-win. This can help the pet find a potential new home while giving workers a break.

People can fill out an application to bring one of the animals home and become part of the family for two weeks.

The program is free, and the shelter will also help you with some essentials.

“We help you with food, garbage, if needed, bed,” Overbeck said.

If you love and want to adopt a pet while on vacation, employees say it happens all the time. This year, each foster pet’s adoption fee will be partially covered by several donors, making it easier to take a furry friend home.

“If it doesn’t work, obviously, it comes back without a problem, and if it works, hopefully we’ll adopt out more animals,” Overbeck said. “We have a group of donors that if they eventually want to adopt, a lot of the cost is reduced because we have all the donors, and we have more donors signing on.”

Pickups begin December 15th, and you will have pets until January 5th.

If you are interested in the Home for the Holiday pet foster program, click here. Here

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