Taylor Swift, personality of the year, is promoting animal adoption with the SPCA.

There’s no place like home for the holidays – especially if you didn’t have a home to begin with.

And animal shelters are doing their part to make sure pets have a place to stay this Christmas. And they’re coming up with some pretty cool ways to do it.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is using everyone’s favorite cat lady, Taylor Swift, to push their pets.

The organization posted a photo on social media today. TIME Person of the Year, And there was an interesting challenge for Swifties, or even those who don’t love pets.

“To honor Swift and help shelters everywhere who have had a particularly difficult year, we’re proposing the #taylorswiftchallenge to celebrate her birthday on December 13th,” the group tweeted about Swift and her rescue. Posted with a picture of Billy Benjamin Button.

“Together, we can make a difference for many cats like Benjamin (who looks like the 92 cats we rescued earlier this year), and we think Taylor would approve.” “

The group is asking fans to donate his favorite number, $13 (unless you’re feeling $22), to the organization for his birthday. Just make sure not to leave a “blank space” in your name if you’re paying by check.

Calm down, she won: Taylor Swift ended 2023 in a big way by entering her Time Person of the Year reign.

If Taylor Swift isn’t your thing, you can still help pets, and do it locally.

gave Monmouth County SPCA Celebrate your Home for the Holidays program, where there will be a donation-only adoption fee for all pets 1 year and older, and all cats and kittens under 1 year old. There will be a 50 percent discount on adoption fees.

The group will also hold its own bake sale this weekend.

All pets adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA are spayed and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Just remember that if you adopt a pet during the holidays, they are not decorations. They will provide you with love all year round, so if you commit, do so.

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