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Featured Animals: Musa and Tilly

Musa and Tilly are a pair of domestic shorthair cats. Tally, whose tail had been amputated, was recovering in a calm and quiet foster home when a very scared and timid Moses came to visit her. The two were an instant match and have been inseparable ever since!

Telly is a social boy who likes to talk to his people and get head-scratches. He is super into food and naps. Meanwhile, Musa prefers Telly to get all the attention. She is a curious girl who is still a little rude to people, but she is making a great effort to become more social in her foster home.

Telly and Moses love to meet and play together, and they almost always spend time near each other. To learn more about or adopt this pair, please contact the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter.

Featured Topic: Keeping Pets Safe During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, there are many steps pet owners can take to ensure the safety of their animals. Join this week’s episode to learn about decorating, salt-based crafts, and how to minimize the risks associated with high-fat table scraps. Because doctor’s appointments can be difficult to arrange on short notice, especially during the holiday season, it can also be helpful to note the location and phone number of the nearest emergency doctor.

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