Sweet Cool Ranch & Marco: Northport Adoptable Pet of the Week

NORTHPORT, N.Y. — Cole Ranch and Marco, 4-month-old bonded brothers, are the Northport Cat Rescue Association’s Kittens of the Week. They were both born into foster care.

“When Cole Ranch and Marco’s mom were left in an apartment building, a kind lady took her in and then realized she was pregnant,” said Laura Wild, a volunteer with the rescue. “Cole Wrench and Marco are very lucky kittens because since they were born in her apartment, they have known nothing but love and protection.”


Wilde said they were raised with a dog, and they are just fine with them. They are also great with other cats.

“Actually, there’s not a lot going on with Marco and Coal Ranch,” Wilde said. “They are cute and very loving.”

Cole Ranch seems to take care of Marco, Wilde said. Cool Ranch has one of the chattiest kittens some of the volunteers have ever met, she added.

A cold field speaks of a storm. (Courtesy of Northport Cat Rescue Association)

“When he meows it’s like the words are being played and he’s saying to the world, ‘Hey please meet me and my brother we need a home!'” Wilde said.

According to Wilde, Marco is mild-mannered and gentle, but very sweet and playful.

“These two are an absolute dream. If you’re looking for a pair of cats, these are your boys.”

Currently, they are at Petco Commack.

“When you go to meet them, the Cole Wrench will definitely talk to you and stick their little paw out of the habitat to get your attention. They’re just perfect,” Wilde said. said

They are neutered, have all their shots, are litter box trained, microchipped and FELV/FIV negative.

If you are interested in meeting Cole Ranch and Marco, you can go. Northport Cat Rescue website And fill out an application to let them know you’d like to meet them or one of the rescue’s other wonderful kittens and cats. Or you can call or email NCRA. info@northportcatrescue.org.

(Courtesy of Northport Cat Rescue Association)

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