Shoppers hit the store in Windsor to buy gifts for pets

Mike Hall walked into a store in Windsor, Ont., to do some Christmas shopping on Sunday and walked out with a small toy.

But, it wasn’t for a child. Instead, it was for her fur baby.

“She loves toys like a normal child. It’s like I have a toddler,” Hall said.

It’s no wonder that malls across the country are packed with people heading out to do some last-minute shopping – all to meet their Christmas deadline on Monday.

On the one hand, pets aren’t that concerned about calendar dates.

But that doesn’t always mean pets are happy to be left out of the Christmas fun and gift-giving traditions that come with it.

Christine (right) with her dog, Chiquis, after a day shopping for pet gifts in Windsor, Ont. On 24 December 2023. (Sanjay Maro/CTV News Windsor)

“If someone else is opening presents and doesn’t find anything, Loki just goes to the bedroom and lies down,” Hall said.

Christine owns a dog named Chiquis and left the PetSmart location on Dougall Avenue with two ugly Christmas sweaters for her pet.

Chiquis birthday is also celebrated on Christmas Eve.

“I feel like if you have an animal and you’re taking care of it, it’s only fair to treat them like part of the family,” said Christine, who added that Christmas It’s not the only holiday when Chiquis gets a gift. .

“Halloween, Easter, any chance I get to take her into a store and shop, I take advantage of it,” she told CTV News Windsor.

Store owner Victor Pindzius is seen inside your Fur Kids store in Windsor, Ont. On 24 December 2023. (Sanjay Maro/CTV News Windsor)According to Victor Pindzius, owner of For Your Fur Kids, the past few days have seen an increase in purchases of pet toys and treats.

Some customers are coming to buy Christmas presents for their friends who own pets.

But others, he added, have an urgent need to find a gift for their dog before Christmas Day.

“Pets are part of the family and everyone wants to provide for their family. They have to have fun, too,” Pindzios said.

As for Hal, he said Loki always appreciates any gift he buys him.

“If you love your animal, it’s nice to include them in family things,” she said.

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