Shelby Co. The Humane Society is seeing an increase in pet surrenders in need of adopters.

Columbiana, Ala.WIAT) — The Shelby County Humane Society is always looking for volunteers and with the recent feeding of dozens of dogs, the need for fosters and supplies is high.

As of Monday, the shelter said it was about 20 dogs away from reaching capacity.

Interim Executive Director Sondra Ivey said they have a maximum number of dogs of 155, with 131 currently at the shelter. Over the past week, Ivey said they’ve had 72 dogs surrendered to the shelter.

Ivey said the surrender rate this year is three times higher than last year. He said that many families are having to surrender pets due to financial problems.

“It’s almost like an ER. You never know what’s coming, what condition it’s going to be in, but you scramble to take care of it. We have a great clinical and intake staff. They’re very kind.” Do a good job. But you think you’re going to have a slow day and then in the next two minutes you’re going to get hit by several animals. So there’s no way to predict,” Ivey said.

While they’re not at capacity yet, it’s a constant battle to reduce their population, Ivey said.

“So it’s not just about long-term fostering. You can be a weekend warrior. So basically you take a dog home for a weekend, for two days, and it’s just from the shelter. give a break. But that gives us a room for about two days that we use to bring other dogs in and out. But that’s the most people can do actually, physically dogs. even if it’s temporary,” Ivey said.

In an effort to help find homes for pets, Ivey said they are offering to adopt dogs six months and older for $24 this month.

You can also help by becoming a foster, volunteering to walk the dogs or making a donation.
Ivey said pedigree dog food and blankets are their biggest needs right now, but monetary donations and other supplies are always welcome.

You can learn more about fostering, adopting and donating. Shelby County Humane Society website

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