Senior cancer survivor dog with sweet bedtime routine wins Pet of the Week

As the festive season quickly approaches, we’re enjoying some seasonal stories about pets of all kinds this week.

From this woman who challenged his husky To find out when he dressed up as a Christmas tree – with some hilarious results – the cat who decided Rearrange your boss’s decor. While the family was sleeping.

We also hear from experts on how to keep your beloved pets safe during the festive season. A doctor issued a warning On a “dangerous” pet Christmas light trend, another animal expert revealed Christmas decorations that dogs Owners should beware this year.

Along with stories from around the web, we’re collecting photos and videos of our favorite pets from readers Newsweek Pet of the Week Lineup

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Pictures of a Frenchie who likes to make the bed before going to bed.
Claudia Vega

This week our Pet of the Week is Frenchie, a rescue dog with a bedtime routine.

Owner Claudia Vega described her companion dog as a “troublemaker”. Newsweek He was adopted from the streets of Mexico.

Now 14, Vega and her beloved Frenchie have been on many adventures together — often visiting people around the U.S. and Mexico.

Wherever she is, Frenchie always makes sure her bed is made comfortable – throwing out a blanket before settling in.

“He taught me that a dog’s love is unconditional,” Vega said.

Their relationship goes even further, as both French and her owner are cancer survivors as well. Vega explained: “He fought cancer, and we’re both cancer-free. Sometimes I feel like he’s my soul dog.”


Max the dog
Shih Tzu Max who is a great comfort to his owner.
Christine Muller

This week’s first finalist is Max, an 11-year-old Shih Tzu who helps owner Christine Muller overcome social anxiety.

“Max is very important to me,” the Wisconsin resident said Newsweek.

A frequent outing with his owner, Max is a great comfort when things feel tough, and is also very good at cuddling.

Nea dogs
Pictures of Nea, sometimes nicknamed “Naughty Nea” for her cute antics.
Maria Silser

Next up this week is the mischievous but precious Nea. Sometimes known as “Naughty Nee,” the 4-year-old rescue lives in Minnesota with owner Maria Silser.

“How can a dog be so cute and so naughty?” She said laughing. Newsweek Her rescue dog recently found a way to eat almost an entire loaf of bread from the refrigerator.

“He generously left two pieces behind! I took him to the dog park thinking he needed to run out of carbs and he promptly dumped it all in my car,” Silser said.

Thankfully though, Nia is pretty sweet, keeping her firmly in her owner’s good books despite her antics.

Mickey the dog
Mikey, the rescue dog, poses for the camera.
Patricia Hansen

Last but not least this week is senior dog Mickey. He was adopted from the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals while living in Roswell, California, with owner Patricia Hanson.

Hanson said he thinks his dog is “the best dog in America.”

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