Santa’s mailbox arrives at Pet Pangea LLC!

Cindy Wells, owner of Pet Pangea, found this special Santa mailbox in front of her store at 158 ​​Central Park Square this morning, along with a letter from the North Pole. He said: ‘It’s great to be chosen again as the location of Santa’s Mailbox.

Pet Pangea LLC News:

Pet Pangea LLC is thrilled to announce that a special Santa mailbox has magically appeared in front of their store.

As a beloved local hub in Los Alamos, NM, Pet Pangea LLC offers a wide range of premium pet supplies and is known for its 24-hour customer service and hosting of the weekly dog ​​walking group Downtown Dogs. .

Pet Pangea LLC – Where Santa Shops!

Did you know about Pete Pangea’s special relationship with Santa? Every year, Santa entrusts the important task of collecting food for his reindeer to the pet Pangea – Dasher, who is the best, insists on only chewing timothy grass from the pet Pangaea. (He points out that it’s the tastiest!) In a festive tradition, Santa prepares a special mailbox for everyone – children, adults and pets. And for another year, Pet Pangea is thrilled to host this enchanting Santa Mailbox!

Cindy Wells, owner of Pet Pangaea, received a letter from the North Pole in the mailbox early this morning. “It’s very exciting to be chosen again as the location of Santa’s Mailbox,” she said, bubbling with Christmas spirit.

How to Write to Santa

Whether you are a pet, child, or adult – write your letter to Santa and drop it off at the mailbox at 158 ​​Central Park Square, Los Alamos, NM. Don’t forget to include a return address; You may find a special answer in your mail! Elves are busy conserving their magic to create all the delicious gifts for good boys, girls and pets. Therefore, they are counting on the USPS to deliver the return letters. Please drop your letter in Santa’s mailbox before December 15, 2023, to ensure that you receive a reply from Santa by Christmas. (Even mail carriers need a cookie break at Santa’s place!) Santa’s mailbox will disappear on December 24, 2023.

As Santa fondly says, “There’s no better joy than reading heartfelt letters from good boys and girls – that’s the highlight of my Christmas!”

The festive fun continues.

After sending your letter to Santa, we invite you to visit Pet Pangea LLC. Open 6 days a week, Pet Pangea has an abundance of great gifts for all types of pets – from dogs to chickens to rabbits, as well as thoughtful gifts for pet-loving humans. Get a gift card for that incredible pet mom or dad in your life – they’re sure to be thrilled! You can also choose delivery or curbside pickup at

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