Sandusky County pet owners have until Jan. 31 to purchase dog licenses.

Pets with tags get home faster if they get loose.

FREMONT – It’s not just the holiday season in Sandusky County. It’s also dog tag season. County dog ​​owners have until Jan. 31 to purchase a license for their dog.

State law mandates that county auditors are responsible for overseeing dog licenses, but Sandusky County Auditor Jerry Miller subcontracts the work to the Sandusky County Dog Warden under the leadership of Chief Dog Warden and Human Agent, Kelly Pocock. . Pocock said the arrangement made practical sense.

“We already know people, and it’s part of our daily routine,” he said.

Dog tags are $20 for the year in Sandusky County.

Dog licenses cost $20 for an annual license; $60 for a three-year license; and $200 for a permanent license. Tags can be purchased at several locations around the county: Sandusky County Dog Warden, Sandusky County Auditor’s Office, Chid’s Market, Fremont Animal Hospital, Humane Society of Sandusky County, Clyde Public Library, Groomers Corner, Westview Veterinary Hospital, Bellevue N. Hospital, York Animal Hospital, Discount Drug Mart, Dirty Dog Grooming, Lindsay Village Market and Marathon in Woodville.

“We have big and small tags, but if you want a small tag, you have to come to the kennel,” Pocock said.

In addition to compliance with the law, dog tags have another benefit for pet owners.

If they come loose, tags can get pets home early.

“It avoids having to bring your dog to the kennel if he gets loose, and you avoid the fee,” Pocock said. “If your dog is on the loose, we’ll bring it back to you if you’re there or if there’s a safe place to keep it.”

If the dog is taken to a kennel, the owner must pay a $25 redemption fee to cover food and other care costs. If the dog constantly runs away from home and causes trouble, the owner can be charged with a citation. A violation is a minor misdemeanor with a fee ranging from $25 to $150.

Fees paid for dog licenses fund kennel operating costs. The kennel cared for about 400 dogs in 2023.

“We’re responsible for picking up every stray in the county, and we don’t get any general fund money,” Pocock said. “All our money comes from licenses. We are a self-funded program.”

Although the kennel charges an adoption fee, there is no profit when the dog is adopted.

“The adoption fee is $150, but that literally just covers the medical expenses we put into it. We still have to pay for food, supplies, dog bite investigations and licensing checks,” ‘ said Pocock.

The county kennel welcomes donations, supplies.

The kennel welcomes donations of goods. This includes paper towels, Dawn dish soap, lemon pine sole, bleach, canned dog food for dogs that are sick or missing teeth, Purina 1 dry dog ​​food, dog toys, blankets and towels. need of

For more information about dog tags, adoption or donations, call 419-334-2372 or visit

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