San Angelo residents continue to leave pets in the trash in rural areas.

She continued, “I understand the dogs are outside the city limits so it’s not the shelter’s responsibility, but that’s just bullshit. There’s going to be hell to pay if someone runs into them and then at night. His car met with an accident.”

The most frequent reports of abandoned animals come from the Dove Creek area, EQ, both sides of the Knickerbocker Road airport, and other similar rural areas where properties sit on more acreage and are more isolated. In sparsely populated areas like these, people abandon their unwanted pets like trash on the side of the road, handing over their responsibility to these helpless creatures. Until such criminals are fined and punished to the fullest extent of the law, the rural suburbs of San Angelo will continue to be dumping grounds for unwanted pets left to fend for themselves, usually large ones. They are preyed upon by predators or die of dehydration.

Strict consequences and enforcement of laws against pet abandonment are needed to curb this dangerous trend.

The urgency of the situation calls for immediate attention and assistance for the dogs. Community support, intervention, or promotion opportunities are critical to ensuring the welfare of these helpless creatures. If you can offer help or assistance, please contact San Angelo LIVE and local officials or organizations.

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