Sacramento’s Mercer Clinic is giving out holiday baskets and sweaters to homeless pets

Tails will be wagging this holiday season – the Mercer Veterinary Clinic is providing warm coats, toys and treats for pets facing homelessness.

The clinic is giving away holiday pet baskets on December 9 with essential items and gifts for these furry companions.

Their annual event will be held at the Los & Fish campus in Sacramento. Volunteers will distribute dozens of items for dogs and cats, as well as more than 500 pet sweaters and coats throughout the year.

Since many of these pets are not allowed inside homeless shelters, these sweaters can help them brave the winter.

“They can be exposed to the fog that we’re having right now, and the rain and cold weather, and so it’s very important that they have proper clothing,” said Laurel Gershwin, CEO of Mercer Clinic Pets of the Homeless. said

Each month, UC Davis veterinary students work with volunteer veterinarians to offer free services to pets in the homeless population. They are able to provide these animals with exams, vaccines, special diets and additional medical care.

“They love their animals,” Gershwin said. “My clients are crying because they are so grateful that they are getting help for their pets.”

For those facing homelessness, these pets are often their only companions. Gifts during the holidays help people who are struggling to give their pets a Christmas miracle.

There is a clinic. Currently seeking donations. General donations to continue their monthly services as well as their Pet Basket program.

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