Rottweiler teaching ‘little brother’ to swim wins Pet of the Week

Whether it’s gold endodil that he possibly had. The most intense reaction ever His own reflection or the look of a cat he liked. To comfort a childpets keep our readers happy and entertained.

So, if you catch your pet doing something cute on camera, send it. NewsweekWith details at the end of this story, and they could be among the next lot of “Pet of the Week” winners.


George nudges Charlie gently. The Rottweiler swim lesson approach did the trick.

Tonya Fenter

This week’s winner is George, a 2-year-old Rottweiler. George lives in Bellevue, New England, with his owner Tonya Fenter and his younger canine brother Charlie, a golden retriever.

Ever since Charlie arrived as a puppy, George has taken a keen interest in him. Fantor said Newsweek that the pair have a “typical big brother and little brother” relationship. While this may sometimes manifest itself in Charlie “Bugging” George from time to time, there have been plenty of beautiful moments along the way. One was when, in September last year, George’s direct approach to teaching Charlie to swim paid off. It was a moment Fainter was lucky enough to capture on camera.

“George is a big brother to Charlie and teaches him a lot of things,” Fenter said. “Charlie adores his big brother and always wants to do everything George does. He sits where he sits, plays with whoever he plays with and goes where he goes.”

Fenter added that George really helped Charlie build that confidence to swim by himself. “After the video Charlie started jumping in the pool on his own and he absolutely loves swimming!”


Heavy Cat is watching the horses on TV.
Heavy Cat is watching the horses on TV. Playful Cat also likes watching animals on YouTube.

Jody Rausch

Our first finalist is Hewy the cat, who turns 3 this month. Its owner Judy Rausch said Newsweek Heavy has, Like many catshas always taken a keen interest in television and will happily play “fish and fowl games” on the box when given the chance.

More recently, Rausch said Heavy has shined in horse videos. “I was watching Free spirit horseman on YouTube and two ponies playing in the snow,” Rausch added.” Then, suddenly here comes Heavy, who jumps in front of the TV and chases the ponies. I sent this picture to the lady who runs Free Spirit Equestrian and she laughed and loved the picture too.”

The Dutch Great Dane poses for a photo.
Dutch Great Dane at home. Carla counts her dog’s “sense of humor” as one of her best qualities.

Carla Schilling

Next, we have Dutch, a 6-year-old Great Dane who lives with Carla Schilling near Wichita, Kansas. “I adopted the dachshund through a rescue group in the Houston area called Save Rocky Great Dane Rescue Group,” Schilling said. Newsweek. “His favorite things are me, grandma and grandpa, peanut butter, and riding in the car.”

A gentle giant of a dog, Schilling said she cites the Dutch’s “loyalty, enthusiasm, joy and sense of humor about everything in life” as his best qualities. “He’s also a great sleeper,” she added.

Blueberry the Buggy strikes a pose.
Blueberry the Buggy strikes a pose. It never fails to make its owner Mia Beatrice laugh.

Mia Beatrice

Finally, this week, there’s Blueberry, the Boogie with attitude who lives in Scripps with his owner Mia Beatrice. “I got him in 2020 during the pandemic and he’s 2 years old,” Beatrice said. Newsweek. “He loves to go on his swing and play with cardboard. The best thing about him is that whenever I’m sad, he looks at me with anger, and I crack up!” It really is a look.

Do you have funny and adorable videos or photos of your pets that you want to share? Send them. Just a few details about your best friend, and they might appear in our Pet of the Week lineup.