Ready to save? Check out these pets looking for forever homes.

TALK has teamed up with the Greenville Humane Society to highlight a few four-legged friends in need of a loving FUR-ever home.

Angel and Geoffro

A Bonded Couple in Need of Adoption Together Geoffro is a 7-year-old front declivity cat who loves nothing more than to be showered with love and affection. He arrived at the Greenville Humane Society with his sister, Angel, and they are a bonded pair that will need to be adopted together. Since coming to the shelter, Geoffro has opened up a lot and has become quite the social butterfly. She is a very sweet cat who loves to make biscuits on soft beds, play with stick toys and will never refuse a good cuddle session. She and Angel have lived with other cats and a dog in their previous home and would be a great fit for a family with other pets. They will love to welcome them on the furniture so they can enjoy hanging out with their new family. Please consider adopting these sweet cats and giving them the love and attention they deserve.


Loki is a 3-year-old puppy who loves people and loves being outside in nature. He is a big fan of adventure and exploring new places and never misses an opportunity to travel. Loki is named for the Marvel Comics character, and shares some of his characteristics. He is curious and mischievous, always looking for fun, but also a loyal companion. He gets along with most dogs and would love to meet any potential brothers or sisters before going home with them. He absolutely adores people and will do almost anything to be close to them. Loki loves nothing more than cuddling with his human and watching a good movie. He’s also a big fan of belly rubs and will happily roll over and let you give him as many as you want. He is a strong boy, so it is best to use him for walking for safety and comfort. If you are looking for a faithful companion and a loving companion, Loki is the guy and promises to bring happiness, fun and lots of love into your life.


Grant is just looking and waiting for the right home. He is just over 2 years old and really loves playing in the water, fetching tennis balls and going for walks. He needs a home without other dogs, where someone will make him the center of their world. Sometimes he is a little clumsy and runs into things, but most of the time he just wants to spend most of the day sleeping on the couch. He’s sometimes frightened by the refrigerator’s ice machines and doorbells, but with hugs and reassurance, it’s easy to make him feel safe again.


He is part of the typical teenage dog club and likes to wrestle with the boys. He likes to talk a lot and seems to have great ideas to share with the world. Eden Azad is marching to the beat of his own drum. He is fine with other dogs but can be a little shy around those who have more energy than him. But if they play tag with him, he opens up quickly. Aiden would do well with an older sibling who can be patient and teach him how to behave.


Marco is a big ball of energy! His favorite things are running around the yard, chasing tennis balls, and roughhousing with his friends. He can be a little nervous around new people and dogs but is quick to warm up and become extremely friendly. He is a very smart boy and already knows “stay,” “down,” and “come!” Marco’s ideal home would be one where he can get lots of exercise, maybe even go hiking, and groom all his “Zoomies.”

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