Raw Pet Food Brand Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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Press Release: Darwin

This month, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products celebrates its 20th anniversary of providing fresh, raw dog and cat food to support happy, healthy pets. Founded in 2004 with a mission to help pets and their owners enjoy a healthy companionship, the company – the first raw pet food provider in the United States to jump into e-commerce – has Helped lead a movement toward holistic, natural animal nutrition. .

Throughout its history, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products has dedicated itself to ensuring the fair and conscientious sourcing of its natural raw foods. By partnering only with trusted suppliers, Darwin’s developed the first farm-to-table raw solution for pets nationwide.

Gary Tashjian, CEO and Founder of Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, said, “I am deeply grateful for the success we have seen over the years and look forward to more than just promoting the health of our furry friends. Couldn’t think of a goal.” . “Everything we’ve achieved over the years is due to our extraordinary team at Darwin, our partners in the pet health sector and the community of caring pet-focused families we serve. ”

Tashjian’s founder Darwin’s journey began with his own dog’s health problems. After struggling to manage the elderly dog’s arthritis with traditional medicine, Tashjian turned to holistic veterinary advice — and once he switched to feeding a freshly prepared, high-quality raw food, he saw a remarkable change. This revelation encouraged Tashjian to leave his career in marketing and pursue his newfound passion in holistic animal nutrition.

Darwin’s mission is very personal to me. “I discovered the power of natural, raw pet food when I made the switch for my best friend, Max – a 10-year-old English Sheepdog who suffered from arthritis,” Tashjian said. said “After making the switch, I watched Max transform from an old dog with limited mobility, to his old self full of energy. I attribute the extra five years of health that Max and I gained. Kar enjoyed this change in diet.

In the early 2000s, Tashjian was the only member of Darwin’s team, individually preparing raw meat and vegetables before personally ordering them to communities in the Northwest. Today, Darwin’s team serves more than 300,000 families nationwide through subscription-based delivery.

“When I saw for myself the benefits of raw food in my pet’s diet, I felt compelled to share this knowledge with every pet owner I knew,” said Tashjian. . “I felt a calling to help others enjoy more years of healthy companionship with their pets, as I did with Max.”

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products has served more than 100 million meals in its 20-year history, and supports many philanthropic efforts, including donating food to pet shelters, helping pet rescues including helping animals affected by the war in Ukraine.

“Most people want to give their pets the best, but don’t necessarily have the time or background to prepare a properly formulated raw food,” Tashjian said. “When I started Darwin, my goal was to make it easy and simple for pet owners to feel confident that they can help their pets enjoy happy and healthy lives by feeding them the food they want. have been what nature intended for them to eat.”

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