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There are many ways to get coins, diamonds and other rewards faster. RobloxOf Pet Simulator 99, but Enchants are hard to beat. These magical books can be equipped to your character, giving a huge boost. You can only have a few equipped at a time, but you can freely change them to whichever effect is most useful.

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You will always have more enchantments than you can equip, so choosing the best one for the task at hand will speed up your progress considerably. If you’re not sure which to choose, here are our suggestions for the best enchantments in Pet Simulator 99.

7 speed

A Roblox player rides a hoverboard in Pet Simulator 99.

Increasing your walk speed can be a surprisingly useful perk in many Roblox experiences. unfortunately, Pet Simulator 99 is not one of them.


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If you’re breaking containers for coins, you don’t have to walk far, and if you’re traveling between areas. Hoverboard And Teleport cannon A walk speed is much faster than an enchantment will ever make you.

Teleporting is unlocked after you visit. Statue of Rebirth In Area 25

6 Magnet

Roblox players work together to harvest comets in Pet Simulator 99.

Magnet Enchantments Increase the radius in which your character collects loot. They’re slightly more efficient than speed, but they’re just as limited – any areas you’ll be farming in are pretty small. You don’t have to go around much to collect everything.

Try if you want to get magnet bonus. Flag the magnet instead. They only affect the area they are placed in, but they will help other players too!

5 Critical

A player inspects the hatching area in Roblox Pet Simulator 99.

On rare occasions, a pet will make a critical attack on an item, Deal more damage than usual. It’s great when it happens, but it is Too rare to really trust.


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A Critical Enchant will deal critical hits more often, but not by much. You are Better than increasing your pet’s overall strength.Because they will deal more damage in the long run than regular, run-of-the-mill attacks.

4 Diamonds

A snowy area in Pet Simulator 99 Roblox

Equipping the Diamond Enchant will become breakable. Drop more diamonds When destroyed. Diamonds are a valuable currency, but they drop in such small quantities that bonuses Their cultivation will not be so fast.


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Diamond Enchants are best used if you are. Grind for a specific upgrade or farming in an area that produces more diamonds than usual.

3 Tap Power.

Beach World in Pet Simulator X Roblox

Your pets alone won’t always be able to easily break open boxes. Fragile taping to yourself Deals heavy damage to it, and directs your pets to focus their attacks on the object until it’s destroyed or you give them a new target.

This is wise. Strike a balance between tap power and pet power.since you’ll need both in high-level areas.

2 Strong pets

Grassy area at the beginning of Pet Simulator 99 (Roblox).

Pets are what the game is all about, so it makes sense that you would want to. Make them as strong as possible. Strong pet magician Just get better As you grow your roster and unlock more pet slots!

Given the choice between tap power and stronger pets, it is. It is slightly better to go with the latter.. Your pets can continue attacks while you’re chatting or trading with other players, searching your inventory to use potions and fruit, or even screen for a quick break. move away from

Pets can too. Break the objects as you go through the low level area.Lets you collect a little extra loot as you travel through the vending machines and mini-games.

1 coins

Area 25 barrier in Roblox Pet Simulator 99 cost 750k gold bars (750 billion coins) to unlock.

Coins are the main currency in Pet Simulator 99, and you’re on your way. They are much needed. Finding and spending is not uncommon. Billions or trillions of coins in one sitting. From unlocking new areas to spawning pets, they are the most important resource in the game.

Coin Wizard provides a Massive increase in the amount of coins By Breakables. It doesn’t matter what other Enchants you have equipped, it’s important that yours The ultimate coin wizard in use at all times; You won’t believe how much money you will earn this way.


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