Purina responds to online rumors that its dog food is making pets sick.

A simple search for “purina” on platforms like TikTok and YouTube will bring up numerous videos of people claiming that dog food is making pets sick.

The videos have been shared and viewed thousands of times. In addition, a Facebook group for pet owners with more than 67,000 members is flooded with comments from people who claim their dogs have gotten sick after eating the pet food.

Purina got wind of the reports online and is disputing the claims.

“Please be wary of online rumors claiming there are problems with Purina products — these misrepresentations can cause unnecessary stress for pet parents,” the company said. “There are no health or safety issues with any of our products, and they can be fed with confidence.”

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The company added that its quality assurance team performs more than 100,000 checks per day in its factories. Testing reportedly begins from the time the ingredients arrive at the factories and continues until the food is shipped to retailers across the country.

“Our comprehensive program ensures that the food you feed your pets, and that the food we eat, is safe,” Purina said.

Food and Drug Administration Will announce recall if necessary. No Purina products are currently subject to recall.

The latest Purina dog food recall was announced in March 2023. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EL Elemental was recalled due to high vitamin D levels. At the time, the company warned that high levels of vitamin D could cause vomiting, loss of appetite. And even kidney failure.

Purina invites those who have legitimate concerns about dog food. Contact the company.

“Please know that if there is a confirmed problem with any Purina product, we will first share that information with our customers,” the company said.

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