Purina refutes “online rumours”, saying the pet food is safe to feed to dogs and cats.

An increase in abandoned dogs was seen across the country.

An increase in abandoned dogs was seen across the country.


Purina is denying “online rumours” that have raised safety concerns about its Pro Plan pet food, after some social media accounts alleged that the pet food company’s products It has sickened hundreds of animals, mostly dogs but also cats.

The company last week moved to address the concerns shared in TikTok videos, some of which have been viewed by thousands of people, as well as in a public Facebook group calling out some 67,000 members. Saving pets one pet @ a time.

The posts contain accounts of dogs suffering seizures, diarrhea and vomiting, some of which have reportedly died, which pet owners claim are caused after the animals eat Purina Pro Plan food. has happened Currently, the Food and Drug Administration does not have a recall list for any Purina products.

“False statements can cause unnecessary stress for pet parents. There are no health or safety issues with any of our products, and they can continue to be fed with confidence,” St. Louis-based A subsidiary of Swiss conglomerate NestlĂ© said in an online statement Friday Statement Responding to “online rumours”

As of January 11, the public Facebook group had received 729 incident reports of sick animals (547 dogs and 182 cats) in the US, Ireland, UK, Serbia, Hungary and Canada, including 177 pet deaths. Foodalert.

Purina said in its statement that those behind the posts include “well-intentioned pet parents who are genuinely concerned and trying to be helpful, while others sell their products.” As an opportunity to do so, some are trying to create confusion and mistrust about brands.”

The company did not immediately respond to a request for additional comment.

Purina products feed 114 million dogs and cats a year, and according to the company, the company conducts more than 100,000 quality checks daily in its factories to ensure that its pet foods are safe for the animals. Is.

Company in March 2023 Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EL Elemental Prescription Dog Food recalled. Because of the possibly elevated levels of vitamin D.

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