Protecting pets from extreme temperatures

  • Below freezing temperatures are expected to hit Texas over the next few days.
  • The best thing you can do for your pet is to keep them inside with you.
  • Claws can freeze just like your hands and feet.

Many Texas pets were left to die in the cold and left chained in their yards. Texas Humane Legislation Network Worked to get. Safe Outdoor Dogs Act pass

This law came into effect two years ago and it is now the law that you must protect your dog from extreme temperatures. Taxis must now provide adequate shelter, drinking water, and secure restraints.

The law also eliminated the 24-hour waiting period for animal control and enforcement of violations. Very Texas Towns and cities enacted more stringent, anti-teaching laws that were enforced locally.

Bring your pets inside in any freezing weather to avoid fines in Texas

Many breeds of dogs need to be indoors if the mercury drops below 32 degrees. There are always exceptions like the Siberian husky that thrives in the cold.

There are a lot of different variables to consider if you’re wondering if it’s too cool for you. Pets outside

  • Coat thickness
  • Coat color
  • size
  • The weight
  • Conditioning
  • age
  • Health
  • It was frozen
  • Wetness
  • Cloud cover
  • Activity

Leaving your dogs Unsupervised in freezing temperatures is inhumane. If someone calls the local animal control authorities on you, they can be fined up to $2,000.

Limit time outside to short walks and bathroom breaks as temperatures drop into the teens next week. Texas.

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Granted some of these exotics are regulated and will require a permit.

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