Protect your pets as a massive cold front is on the move.

Colorado Springs, Colo. — As frigid temperatures begin to set in over the weekend, pets will look to their smart owners to help them beat the cold.

“With extremely cold conditions like we’re seeing across much of the country this week, it’s important to protect pets from freezing temperatures and wind chills,” said Kitty Block, CEO and president of the Humane Society of the United States. Be safe. Be aware of animal hazards like rock salt and antifreeze.”

Although some pet breeds, such as huskies, enjoy cold weather, they still require good care.

You should make sure they have adequate shelter if they don’t come back inside right away. For dog owners, this doesn’t mean having a big dog house.

“It can be nice to give your pet a place to go and get out of the elements a little bit, but you want a shelter that’s hopefully insulated, and maybe a shelter that’s small. Ho,” said Devin Haney, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. “Thus it also maintains the pet’s body heat.”

The Humane Society says its animal law enforcement team will likely be busy responding to pet welfare calls this weekend.

He says he doesn’t expect pets to arrive at his facility because people tend to keep their pets inside during the winter.

Here are several tips that can help your pet, and maybe even save their life:

Shelter your pets:

Animals should spend some of their time outdoors. Limiting them to either quick trips outside to relieve themselves, or a brisk walk to burn off that energy is safe, but not recommended for long periods of time outside.

If you are unable to shelter your pet inside, try sheltering them in a dry, draft-free shelter that is large enough for them to move around, but small enough to keep them as warm as possible. I got help.

It is also advisable to give them extra food and non-frozen water, as it requires more energy to keep them warm.

Pad Protection:

Although most animals are covered in fur, animals are just as vulnerable to frostbite as their human counterparts. Try to keep their feet and nose as warm as possible. If your pet has short hair, you may want to consider getting a jacket or sweater to help keep them warm.

Another problem an animal may encounter is stepping in rock salt or other chemicals. These products are dangerous to the animal, and can easily be ingested if the animal experiences irritation from the substance on its feet. Be sure to wipe their feet if you’ve walked into an area containing one of these items.

Outdoor animal care:

Building a shelter for outdoor animals can be very difficult in some situations. With freezing wind expected it is important to build some type of barrier or shelter to help prevent the wind from hitting your animals directly.

Check your animals’ water regularly. This can be fatal if their water freezes and they are unable to stay hydrated.

Another way to help protect your animals, if possible, is to blanket them. Blankets can help keep heat closer to your body, which is one of the most important aspects of staying warm.

Pro tips for people:

When getting into your car, bang on the hood. This can cause any animals that have sought the shelter of your hot engine to flee the scene to avoid injury and possibly death.

There are laws to protect animals from “unnecessary suffering”.

If you see an animal that you believe is being mistreated in the cold, you can. Contact your local humane society..


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