Protect pets as coyote sightings rise in Arlington Heights: Police

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL – “Don’t let your dogs out alone – or your cats to roam.” That’s the advice the Arlington Heights Police Department is giving residents in anticipation of an increase in coyote sightings over the next four to six weeks due to breeding season.

Saying coyotes are always a threat to dogs and other small pets, police said in a social media post earlier this week that male coyotes become more aggressive this time of year. Police are encouraging citizens. Here to report a coyote sighting.


Police also issued the following tips for living with wild coyotes:

  • Never feed coyotes or leave food out for wildlife. While feeding wild animals is dangerous for you and your pets, it also increases the chances of wildlife welfare. It is important that wild animals maintain their natural fear of humans in order to keep residents and animals safe.
  • Keep cats and dogs indoors or in a completely enclosed run, especially at night. Don’t assume that a fence will keep coyotes out of your backyard.
  • Turn on outdoor lights to check your backyard for unexpected wildlife, and go outside with your leashed pet.
  • Keep dogs on short leashes (no longer than 6 feet) when walking outside.
  • Carry noisemakers, such as whistles and horns, with you, and use them to scare away coyotes.
  • If you encounter a coyote, yell, clap, whistle, and try to make yourself look bigger. This behavior is known as “hazing” and will help deter coyotes from approaching.

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